Amsterdam Kimono Style

19 juli 2015
Amsterdam Kimono Style

Amsterdam Kimono Style

Every summer Mieko Ueda organizes a creative kimono and make-up tour in Amsterdam for Japanese hair and make-up professionals. For these tours she works together with kimono designer 千代豆 and photographer Takuya Okamoto at PlusB.

On these tours they offer master classes in hair, make-up and kitsuke, after which the participants will work for themselves and do a photo shoot with their own styling somewhere in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Kimono TourAmsterdam Kimono Style

On the last day participants got the change to be dressed in kimono by me or 千代豆 and Michiko Mizuno choose to be dressed in my kimono styling. I was very happy an did the best I could to give here a modern western kimono styling.

She chose my kimono style as she liked the cool understated and grown-up styles I create and she had just read about me in 花saku (Hanasaku) Kimono Magazine and was impressed by the fact that I learned kitsuke by books. (as I started collecting, studying and wearing kimono over 20 years ago and at that time the internet wasKimono in Amsterdam still in it’s baby shoes, let alone YouTube for wonderful kimono video’s you can find now)

As it was the height of summer I chose a ro kimono with tiny subtle stripes and stylized chidori coordinated with a blue and silver ro obi with a chidori and water pattern.

The creme and black combined with the blue obi with water motive evoked for me the fresh Dutch summers with sun, wind and water.

Amsterdam Kimono StyleBy adding lace and a Frisian antique papier mâché brooch I incorporated some of my Frisian heritage in order to created a Dutch/Japanese coordination.

With the stunning hair and make-up done by wonderful 中迫 としえ and beautiful photographs by Yohei Yamaguchi I think we created a classic Japanese beauty in a cool Dutch style with Parisian allure.

For more pictures of this kimono adventure in Amsterdam: Berber Kimono

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