Mackintosh Rose

29 april 2010

Mackintosh Rose kimono. As it was the last day calligrapher Asako and her daughter Akari where here I dressed in a Mackintosh Rose patterned kimono.This because Asako gave me a new name Bara Yakko, which if I understand her correctly means something like Rose Friend, or Friendly Rose.So, Mackintosh Rose kimono it was. This polyester kimono has […]

Candy Stripe Kimono

22 april 2010

Candy Stripe Kimono for the opening day of the shop I work at. I choose Mamechiyo’s Candy Stripe kimono because it is chic.For “cross-culture” I chose my Tulip obi.Paired with red accessories and my chic black and white striped geta from Tokyo I think I looked nice for the opening party of a new chic […]

New Years Party Kimono

16 januari 2010

A New Years Party Kimono styling. Because Mr. Boss and Mrs. Boss didn’t feel like going to the New Years Party of the JCC (Japanese chamber of commerce and industry in The Netherlands) at Okura hotel they asked me and my collegue to go instead. As some one of the store should show their face […]


5 januari 2010

This cute kimono is really weird…It’s short (too short for me) but wide.And it seemed impossible to get the collar nicely… (?)I could only manage 1 cm. han-eri showing, which is weird, I never had that before. Well, the kimono is woven, so I paired her with a painted new, but vintage looking, obi in […]

New Year Kimono

31 december 2009

For the last day of the year I decided to wear something quite formal New Year Kimono.My bubbles kimono as a happy New Year Kimono.I was happy and quite surprised that this purple-ish kimono looked fine with blond hair too. Boss-lady loved it, so I am happy. She likes formal/quiet kimono…To be honest I liked […]

七緒 Nanaoh

28 december 2009

last Tuesday I found 七緒 Nanaoh magazine on my doorstep.I was so proud!An article about me.. in 七緒 Nanaoh… *sigh* Here is the blog press post I wrote about this interview. I knew, of course, I gave the interview myself, but to hold and see the 七緒 Nanaoh magazine myself and being able to read some […]

Bonenkai kimono

19 december 2009

At my job we had a Bonenkai-party “Forget the year party” on Friday evening.Obviously I wanted to wear Bonenkai kimono. Because it was a cooking party I opted for save wool kimono in dark colours and a silver synthetic obi. But, Christmas colours, so even though it was a very informal Bonenkai kimono, the colours […]

Winter Bamboo Kimono

16 december 2009

Red white and blue antique Winter Bamboo Kimono.I was so happy when Ryujiro-san put this winter bamboo kimono on sale last year.I was eying her for a long time, but.. decided she was out of my league. Then the sale came…And she was mine ^_^And now, finally I had a change to wear this kimono […]

Bicycle Kimono

6 november 2009

For Nanao magazine I took these pictures: Bicycle KimonoAs they really wanted to see pictures of kimono on a bicycle (in Amsterdam) as they wanted Bicycle Kimono in their magazine.Sadly this afternoon I felt really sick, but for a change it wasn’t raining and they need the pictures next Tuesday! So, I put on my […]

Tokyo Kimono

3 oktober 2009

Tokyo Kimono For the speech in Tokyo I decided on a blue kimono with sitsen obi (bought from Ichiroya)I added lace tabi, obi-age and pearl obi-jime to enhance the Dutch-ness. I wanted a checkered kimono, white and blue but didn’t find one this time.I did find this (probably) asa semi open weave blue kimono.Obviously completely […]