Mariko Mori

16 mei 2007

There was an exhibition of Mariko Mori in The Netherlands, in the city of Groningen, of course in the museum that’s most talked about over here… it’s a fun museum, ugly (to my taste) though I like the Coop Himmelbau part, yes that is nice… Never mind. Mariko Mori, go see her when in the […]

Maiko Painting

15 mei 2007

Well, this Maiko Painting is I think more then a year old and still not finished. But now with the moving over and me being in a place from where never have to leave again (unless I want too) I feel (slowly) the peace is returning, the strength is returning. Or is it the other way […]

Meiji Uchikake

14 mei 2007

This Meiji Uchikake is really special.Uchikake usually are, but this one is old, as is the kimono. They smell wonderful! I think the previous owner stored them lovingly in a scented space. It’s a very special smell and I have smelled it before on /in very old kimono, I wonder what it is…The purple colour is […]

Red Hakama

13 mei 2007
Red Hakama

A view months ago I bought a red hakama. No, not a ladies, I should have. But this red man’s was so nice, so perfect! For months the thing was just hanging there, accusingly: “you will never use me, you should never have bought me, you bought me for all the wrong reasons…” Which actually […]

Les Mains sales

11 mei 2007

Tonight I went to the theatre again. It was great. But what was best…? The ride on my friends motor bike or the play? Weee… I asked my friend if he wanted to come with me to this play he said yes and I’ll pick you up, but you have to ride with me on […]

New Dress

8 mei 2007

Paris here I come!I am going to Paris again *happy sigh* First I need to relax a bit more because a virus caught me and I am really “out” because off it, not nice, don’t like being sick. But… I went to the hairdresser to make me feel “clean” again nice fresh short hair cut […]

My Angel

6 mei 2007

Two weeks ago I buried my angel. My sweet baby cat. I loved her more then anything. I was so much looking forward finally having her with me in my new house. The house still wasn’t ready enough, but I decided it was time, I missed her long enough, so I was going to pick […]


30 april 2007

This year Queensday sucked big time. Queensday is a free time for everybody and a fun day to party and be happy. I worked today and it was hard on me. Working on Queensday can be very fun because people are happy, but today, no. I feel sick, tired and used. Today I totally hate […]

Happy New Year

19 februari 2007

Of the PigI dressed in ume, it was hard work ^_^

ShiShi Obi

27 januari 2007

As I should be working today but it doesn’t seem to work for me I decided to dress up in my vintage teal blue kimono and pared it with my ShiShi Obi. I decided I could wear kimono while working behind my laptop… so… I changed in my party kimono and paired her with my […]