Accessories for kimono

27 mei 2005

Accessories for kimono What kind of accessories for kimono do you need in order to wear kimono properly? This a half collar which needs to be basted to the nagajuban, may be silk, rayon, cotton or what you like. They are usually white, but can be colored and printed too. For formal dress they may […]

Kimono Underwear

26 mei 2005
Red Nagajuban

What to wear under kimono? Kimono underwear: Hadajuban, susoyoke, waist-towel, nagajuban, koshihimo and datejime. It’s too warm for kimono today, at least for cleaning the house and wear a kimono. Even though we can wear hitoe now, kimono dress is warm! Now according to this site: The Beauty of kimono, we should wear everything hitoe, […]

Kimono Coordination

25 mei 2005

A different Kimono Coordination Today I am wearing my purple hitoe again this time with a different Kimono Coordination. As today I wanted to be more colorful, so I paired it with a red hanhaba and the same light pink accessories. It’s almost summer, so the days are getting warmer and it is fun to […]

Photo Collage

It will be awhile before I get to go back to the exhibition and take pictures. So I made an Photo Collage using the pictures in my computer. Not with the kimono but the collage with susohiki pictures. The pictures are made with models in my susohiki kimono, katsura and more. They are mounted on thick […]

Hitoe Kimono Season

24 mei 2005

Since the date for koromogae has past, I dressed in my silk hitoe kimono, it’s a komon; my purple hitoe kimono (unlined kimono) with an allover pattern of little red dots. I paired this with a teal hakata obi (also a hitoe) and pink accessories. The geta are technically for yukata, but I feel they […]


18 mei 2005

Uchikake This Uchikake is the first wedding kimono I bought. Wel, the first iro-uchikake I bought. I already owned a shiromuku ~ completely white wedding kimono. I completely forgot to take pictures of the kimono on display at the Stadschouwburg of Nijmegen. Of course I did make a list with pictures for the insurance, but […]

Striped kimono sewing

15 mei 2005

I started with my first striped kimono, phew. I have sewn kimono before, but using wide western type of fabric. It’s a cotton bolt from Ichiroya’s, very nice ( a little drab brown) but nice. The bolt is a little too short for me to make the perfect fitting kimono, but at least the sleeve […]

Kitsuke demonstration

14 mei 2005
Orange furisode kimono and formality

Kitsuke demonstration at Stadschouwburg Nijmegen After a crazy drive *sigh* we hung all the kimono as perfect as we possible could, it looked very nice (hopefully still does) After the opening speech about the exhibition, there was art and kimono I gave a Kitsuke demonstration on my dolly. Pointing at the formal men’s kimono set, while […]

Kimono expo

10 mei 2005

Not sure why I made this blog, but it seemed fun to make one and write about my kimono adventures. Maybe my little sister will learn some English reading it ^_~ In two days I will have the opening of a kimono expo. They asked me to exhibit some of my kimono during an (photo) […]

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