Blue kimono hime

29 juni 2013
Blue kimono Hime

Blue kimono hime This shibory summer kimono is so small I can not wear it, not even without an ohasori. But this summer ro silk vintage kimono is really beautiful, the silk is super soft like most vintage (summer) kimono and the pattern pretty bold. Even though the kimono is in subdued colors, the dark […]

Spring kitsuke Styling

3 mei 2013

For a party of a sake brand at a nice Izakaya I did a spring kitsuke styling job. As the occasion was festive but also a bit formal/chic, I chose a houmongi and silver zori. The host of the party wanted young and fresh so I was contemplating a furisode, but I knew/guessed time would be […]

Queens day kitsuke

30 april 2013

Big coat For this last queens day I choose an aqua blue wool kimono with orange and yellow dots. As it was cold, especially at 6 in the morning I needed wool, wool kimono with haori, which I almost never wear! And wool leggings and a big fat over-coat ^_^ I know it is huge, but […]

Opening Exhibition @ Galerie Moon

9 september 2012

My outfit for the opening at Galerie Moon: Blue hitoe silk komon with silver stripes. Autumn themed obi, silk chuya with large chrysanthemums, back-side has uroko (fish-scale) pattern, you can see a hint of this on top of my obi. As the obi was not that wide I did’t fold it in half, but rather […]

Quick Preview

2 september 2012

Just a quick idea what I want to wear to the opening next Suday. Criteria:1-It has to be Blue2- Preferably Hitoe3-It needs some autumnal theme It better not rain as I really really want to wear silk

Kimono art Exhibition

31 augustus 2012
Kimono art Exhibition

Today not kimono, but the flyers of my upcoming Kimono art exhibition at Gallery Moon in Amsterdam. I am very happy and exited that I got the change to exhibit my kimono art at my friends place, Moon Gallery.Tomorrow we will create the exhibition. All works are already at the gallery, so tomorrow, dressing time! […]

Pre WWII Kimono

2 augustus 2012
Taisho Kimono

Pre WWII Kimono あい I love blue! I love stripes, silver, woven kimono and blue… And this kimono has it all. She just screamed to me, not that she had to, I wanted to own her anyway.This kimono will look good with a lot of obi I think. And being a kimono nerd I looked […]

Wool kimono


Blue with red modern wool kimono Spring! All dressed up for work.I am so lucky with this job, the owners actually really really like it when I dress up in kimono. They almost insist. Lucky me.Today I chose my newly bought in Japan light wool kimono.Obviously she caught my eye because of the vivid blue.Being […]

Nihon Buyo kimono

6 maart 2012

Nihon Buyo kimono Anne and me went to see the performance of Nihon Buyo at DeLaMar in Amsterdam.Leader of the group was Mr. Senzo Nishikawa, a National Living Treasure, thee group was specialy created from the Japanse Nihon Buyo Foundation. They performed three dances and the second one Awa Mochi (sadly translated in the guide […]

Omeshi kimono

4 maart 2012

Omeshi kimono in a 1920’s styling Look a vintage me in Omeshi kimono When I was doing the 1920’s pictures I also wanted to try a kimono version.So I looked for a twenties kimono and obi, went for the red han-eri with purple striped Omeshi kimono and satin black obi. Omeshi kimono have a somewhat sturdy […]