Dragon obi

8 augustus 2011

The Taisho momiji komon kimono, now paired with a ro silk pale blue dragon obi. This ro silk dragon obi also has and phoenixes and it’s actually a very formal maru obi. I was hesitant to use this dragon obi, as it’s painted, and I really like to try painted kimono – woven obi ~ […]

Momiji kimono

My (to me) extremely bold ro Taisho momiji kimono with fuchsia and black back-ground in a wood pattern, and big bold momiji (maple) leaves in contrasting aqua and white (creme) I saw this momiji kimono at morning last September in a Kyoto shop I didn’t know yet, I thought she was pretty expensive! But good […]

Plum blue yukata

19 juli 2011

Plum blue yukata with light blue and purple morning-glories.I dressed this yukata as a komon as I feel this is better for work. For some reason yukata feels only appropriate when it’s really warm outside, like dressing in a dress with no sleeves, only fine when it’s warm.  Also, dressing up yukata with nagajuban etc.  […]

Teal blue ro kimono

17 juli 2011

This little teal blue ro kimono is small and so sweet!The silk of this teal blue ro kimono is super soft, has woven silver stripes and tiny added gold and warm orange embroidery in some of the flower hearts, and silver around the edges of some of the petals. The obi has the same orange […]

Kimono de Jack Leiden

11 juli 2011

Kimono de Jack Leiden 10 July 2011 At the moment there is a small and wonderful exhibition of children’s kimono at the Sieboldhuis in Leiden. Kimono Club wanted to go and tried the first Kimono de Jack The Netherlands ever. It was a great success, 6 ladies in kimono!And this for a very, very small […]

Yabane Pattern

10 juli 2011

Another summer kasuri this time with huge Yabane PatternPurple with yabane Pattern arrow pattern and contrasting soft yellow and white embroidered flower-roundels. To create a soft color look I choose the white white lilac sayagata obi, also because it is a painted ro and I like the woven kimono, painted obi rule. For contrast a […]

Momiji obi

7 juli 2011

My big Momiji obi. Yesterday one of my colleagues said something that could be explained as why do you never wear kimono any-more? Oh oops, because I do not feel like it? So I dressed in in this ro silk diagonal striped kimono immediately.A ro silk, black with white diagonal stripes. Because the pattern is […]

Summer kasuri kimono

4 juli 2011

In my pile, “maybe not” was this cute summer kasuri kimono.I wanted to give it to my dear friend, but she said, no I never wear blue (or this type of kimono) and it’s good condition and quite long enough for you, keep it!And actually, I do like this one… So OK I dressed this Summer […]


1 juli 2011

  De kinderkimono 10 juli lezing in het SieboldHuis, Leiden In het SieboldHuis te Leiden is vanaf 2 juni de tentoonstelling Kawaii Kimono te zien. Zoals te lezen in de vorige post, gaat deze tentoonstelling over de kinderkimono. Er zijn verschillende kinderkimono te zien en wat deze in een Japans gezin betekenen. 10 juli (14.00 […]

Kawaii Kimono – SieboldHuis Leiden

31 mei 2011

In het SieboldHuis in Leiden is van 2 juni t/m 14 augustus de tentoonstelling Kawaii Kimono te zien. Deze tentoonstelling is onderdeel van het Kawaii Jaar bij het SieboldHuis en laat een unieke collectie kinderkimono’s zien van Kazuko Nakano. Het bevat topstukken uit de 16e tot het begin van de 20e eeuw en laat de […]