Blue kimono hime

29 juni 2013
Blue kimono Hime

Blue kimono hime

This shibory summer kimono is so small I can not wear it, not even without an ohasori.

But this summer ro silk vintage kimono is really beautiful, the silk is super soft like most vintage (summer) kimono and the pattern pretty bold. Even though the kimono is in subdued colors, the dark blue and white. These strong contrasting colors and the big pattern also provide a strong bold statement. So strong and bold, it almost seems modern.

These are the kind of kimono I really love most, so here is the reason why I can not get myself to sell her, so better use the kimono for something else. In my case, what would be better then to use her in an photograph and make some kimono art?

With a long white summer dress underneath, white high heals and a blue wig it becomes a romantic blue “Kimono Hime” outfit. For me just like this it was no fun this kimono hime should be doing something and to me she was perfect for a trip by train ^_~

Let’s go to Amsterdam CS in a beautiful kimono hime outfit.

This photograph is one of my fairy tale series please have a look in my portfolio for more dream works and kimono art.

On my Facebook page you can see more kimono art: Berber Kimono



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