Hina Dolls

25 januari 2016
Heian Era Kimono


Since I made “Dutch Barbie’s” we’ve listed them with my photographs on  Japanese Etsy websites:  Creema and Iichi
Some time ago I got a request from Japan for a special Hina Dolls Barbie set.

For the Barbie and Ken in Heian Era costume I used Frisian Chinz and raw silk. This way I combined the
Hina_DollsHeian-Era-KimonoFrisian fabrics with more traditional silks to create a merge between East and West.

Originally I wanted to create a “real” Juni-Hitoe (twelve layers) kimono  for Barbie, but this would have been way to much for the tiny doll. It does make me wonder, it must have been a lot for these small Japanese  Ladies of the Heian Era as well.

Hina Dolls

Hina Dolls are small dolls that are displayed on the 3th of March for Hina Matsuri (Dolls Festival) Girls Day in Japan. The dolls represent the Imperial Court, with emperor and empress on top and then several layers of servants, the displays can be extremely elaborate but also very quiet. For more information on Hina Dolls, please visit Wikipedia

Juni-HitoeBarbie Hina DollsKenKimonoPrinceBarbieKimonoPrincess






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