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3 september 2014
Expositie MLB Galerie

Kimono ArtKimono Art

Together with Anna-Maria Magnusson I will have an exhibition at Mlb Galerie in Amsterdam. I will show my Kimono Art: beautiful girls in kimono in Dutch settings.

All 12 months of my “One Year” series will be on display for the first time.

The opening will be on the 5th of September.

18.00 Opening
19.00 Opening speech
19.30-20.00 Music
21.00 Opening closes

Kimono Art

If you have no time on the 5th of September
The Gallery will also be open at:

Saturday 6 September 12:00~18:00 Both Anna-Maria and Berber will be there
Sunday 7 September 12:00~18:00 Both Anna-Maria and Berber will be there with MLB Talk, please let the gallery know when you would like to join the MlbTalk: ml.boel@planet.nl The talk will be from 12:00 to 14:00

Friday 12 September 12:00~18:00 Marie-Louise
Saturday 13 September 12:00~18:00 Berber
Sunday 14 September 12:00~18:00 Anna-Maria

Friday 19 September 12:00~18:00 Marie-Louise
Saturday 20 September 12:00~14:00 Anna-Maria 14:00~18:00 Berber
Sunday 21 September 12:00~18:00 Berber with kimono demonstration and high tea

Friday 26 September 12:00~18:00 Marie-Louise
Saturday 27 September 12:00~18:00 Anna-Maria

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