Kimono art Exhibition

31 augustus 2012
Kimono art Exhibition

Today not kimono, but the flyers of my upcoming Kimono art exhibition at Gallery Moon in Amsterdam.

I am very happy and exited that I got the change to exhibit my kimono art at my friends place, Moon Gallery.
Tomorrow we will create the exhibition. All works are already at the gallery, so tomorrow, dressing time!

As always, it takes time and it’s precision work, but I love it ^_^

The exhibition will show my latest kimono art photographs, the ones I made this year.
They’re bigger then I usually do and it was a surprise for me to see them all finished I actually like this bigger size!

Can’t wait for tomorrow and see how they will look, all together, real, on a wall in a gallery.

Kimono artThe opening will be on Sunday the 9th of September from 3 till 6
and the exhibition will continue till the first week of November.

As many people like my work I hope all of them will sell and I will not have to take them home in November ^_^

Now I am contemplating about…. what kimono to wear!?!
Yes, that is of course a very important and difficult question, I really do not know yet. I will need to check the weather reports everyday and see how the sky, the surroundings look, as going by the Japanese rules will not do.
Maybe it’s cold, maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s hot.

But, I will show the result here ^_^

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