Kimono Decoration

24 september 2015
Kimono Decoration

Love kimoSummerKimonono but do not have the wish to wear one?

Kimono are beautiful as decoration on a wall. A kimono can be like a wonderful painting and you can change them to your mood or the season. If for instance you have four (seasonal) kimono you can change your kimono decoration every three months and you have a lovely seasonal kimono decoration all the time

This is actually how I do it, as my collection is big enough to change the kimono decoration every tree months, or more often if I like, I do how ever never use my most precious kimono as kimono do not like UV, it will make them fade and the silk might get weak and breakable from the sunlight. But, if you can and change the kimono regularly and do not hang them in full sunlight everything should be fine.

Most of the time I use kimono that I love but are too small for me to wear, or just too formal, this way I can enjoy my precious beauty as a kimono decoration on the wall and/or sometimes on a doll.

Kimono Decoration

Summer Kimono DecorationSakura-kimono-stylingThe good thing about a kimono on your wall is that it doesn’t require any skill, the only thing you have to do is get a rod of approximately 130cm long, measure the middle and drill small holes at approx. 7,5cm at each side of the middle., put a string through both holes and you kimono decoration rod is ready. Place the kimono on the rod, put a nail in the wall and hang your kimono. Personally I prefer to show the back side, but sometimes the front is just more pretty, go ahead and show the front and try to close the overlap carefully with pins .

If you want a kimono decoration on a doll some kimono dressing skills are need as it is most fun to dress the doll as an actual person would. But obviously, if you do not have kitsuke (kimono dressing) skills, just draping the kimono over a dress doll is also very beautiful!

With the kimono decoration I use my kimono photographs, here is the link to my kimono art.

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