She knows much more about Kimono than ordinary Japanese people – Masataka Miyanaga

26 maart 2014
Masataka Miyanaga of the Beatles University Japan

Kimono designer

I was a witness of Berber’s lecture in Tokyo, and I was impressed how she loves Kimono.
She knows about Kimono much more than ordinary Japanese people. And it proves her deep affection for Kimono.
Because of her longtime research about Kimono, it didn’t surprise me that she contacted Mamechiyo (kimono designer) in 2008, one of the top modern kimono designer/ artist, and they have been building their friendship ever since.

Since 2011, Mamechiyo lives in Amsterdam, so it is also natural that Mamechiyo prefers to have Berber as a Kitsuke assistant for Mamechiyo’s photo shootings or Kimono shows in the Netherlands.

Masataka Miyanaga

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