Kimono Dressing

24 september 2014

Kimono Lezing

As there is an exhibition of my photographs at MLB Galerie and many people had questions about kimono MLB Galerie and I diced to host a Kimono High Tea on Sunday 21st of September. For this Kimono High Tea I hung several kimono in the gallery, most where unlined autumn and summer kimono as they are lightest to hang from the ceiling.

So first I showed the summer and fall kimono in front of the gallery, explaining a bit about seasonality and summer/autumn kimono use, patterns and motives.



Then I talkedKimono Lecture a bit about (unlined) kimono that where exceptions like yukata and wool. Yukata being strictly informal summer wear and wool kimono being informal kimono with which you can ignore the season rules a bit as they have mostly no seasonal pattern (of course explaining about common sense, a wool kimono is no fun in 30˚C or more)

I also showed some lined kimono with abstract patterns as being not seasonal. Sadly winter and lined kimono got a bit less attention.

There where many questions and remarks, so time flew by and we needed to take a brake with a photo cake and tea before starting with the next part: Kimono Dressing

I had one of my “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” printed on a cake.



Kimono Dressing

Kmono DressingKimono Dressing

Dressing my lovely model in kimono. I used a two piece nagajuban as this is what I use most of the time and it is nice to use for showing size adjustments. The kimono is a black hitoe (unlined) Houmongi with falling maple leaves motive, the glossy rinzu is a kind of abstract fence pattern.

The obi I used is a soft lined fukuro obi with grapes and fines, so also very autumn like. It is awase as I liked to use the very strict season chart.

It was a fun and informal afternoon with kimono dressing tea and kimono friends.


HoumongiKimono Nederland Amsterdam

I was extremely happy my kimono friends came to visit, as this makes it extra fun, but they also took these nice pictures and folded all kimono! Kimono girls to the rescue thank you!

And this way we have this great picture of Dutch ladies wearing kimono in Amsterdam

The pictures where taken by Linda Kentie have a look at: Oranda Kitsuke

And there are more pictures of this afternoon on my facebook page Berber Kimono.


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