Kimono Show

25 juli 2014
kimono show
Kimono show at Moshi Moshi event Westergasterrein Amsterdam The Netherlands20 July 2014
I hosted a kimono show; the theme was a girly Japanese wedding party!
There was a bride, her mother, her sisters, nieces and many friends, all dressed in different types of kimono to show formality, but also to show how you can dress up in not so formal kimono and still look smart enough for a wedding party

Kitsuke: Berber Oostenbrug
Make-up and Bride: Maartje van der Zon
Mother of the bride in antique ro silk kurotomesode: Naomi
Unmarried sister of the bride in antique ro silk furisode: Christine
Married sister of the bride in modern ro silk houmongi: Mirjam
Niece of the bride in vintage ro silk susohiki (dance) kimono: Tasniem
Niece of the bride in vintage tsugesage komon: Dandy Tia
Girlfriend of the bride vintage dragonfly sha silk komon: Nadine
Girlfriend of the bride vintage shibory komon: Charissa
Girlfriend of the bride vintage rose patterned komon: Julie
Girlfriend of the bride in up-dressed bold red yukata: Ria

Kimono Show









Kimono Show Japanese Bride kitsuke

Kimono Show Bride Japanese Brides KimonoAs part of the  kimono show I dressed a Japanese bride to start with. Modern day Japanese brides look like young unmarried woman of the nobility class, of the late Edo era. Kimono Museum

This iro-uchikake is fairly simple as iro-uchikake can be very bright and gaudy. It has elaborate embroidered pattern of momiji, sakura and ume pattern with of course the cranes for long life and happiness.

For more Pictures of the dressing on stage: Berber Kimono

All kimono types used in the kimono show:

UchikakeKimono Show KurotomesodeKimono Show FurisodeHoumongiSusohiki geisha kimonoTsugesage






Vintage komonSha silk komonKomon KimonoYukata



Photographs: 千代豆; Thian Y Hoang –; Linda Kentie
Thank you!

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