MLB Gallery Christmas PoPuP Shop

18 december 2014
Berber KImono

Crochet CatThis year I am again participating in the Christmas PoPuP shop hosted by MLB gallery

At the gallery many small art, from various artists, with prices ranging from € 2.50 till € 50,- are for sale for the coming four days

I am selling some kimono from my collection,  my cute Borre the Annoyed cat a crocheted cat using the Japanese amigurumi technique and my series 12 months of kimono in Amsterdam as a small calendar

Borre is a annoyed cat looking grumpy as he really want’s to live somewhere else. What he does is help you with your procrastination habits, as he will tell you with his grumpy face, stop using Facebook or other distracting internet activities and go do your bookkeeping… household chores… spend time with your loved one… cuddle the cat (this grumpy one or your real life cat)

The kimono are perfect to wear as a super luxury house-robe, or if you prefer in the traditional Japanese way. Ideal to spend your leisure Sunday mornings in.

Contact: MLB galerie
Witte de Withstraat 32A ~ 1057 XZ Amsterdam

Opening times:

Thursday 18, Friday 19,  Saturday 20 December open  14:00 till 20:00 

and Sunday 21 December van 13:00 tot 17:00!


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