Queens day kitsuke

30 april 2013
Big coat

For this last queens day I choose an aqua blue wool kimono with orange and yellow dots. As it was cold, especially at 6 in the morning I needed wool, wool kimono with haori, which I almost never wear! And wool leggings and a big fat over-coat ^_^ I know it is huge, but so comfortable.

We where selling fun things (white nagajuban (over-stock) crochet hats and some old Japanese stuff so I had to wear a crochet hat too.

The obi is the backside of a pretty subdued and stylish hanhaba, and this orange was just perfect, the same as the dots.

All in all I was nice and warm. It was a very fun day and lucky enough, the sun did show her face.

But it was a good day to start wearing (and photographing) kimono again. I promise, now I am back ^_^


It’s a bit yellow, as I wanted to show the real colour of the kimono

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