Refined but not stuffy

6 april 2014
Kyoto Collection

Kyoto Collection

‘As a long term resident of Kyoto I always look forward to seeing Berber and enjoying the city’s charms with her.

She has a real enthusiasm and affection for Japan’s traditions and its people, and takes the time to notice and appreciate small things that others might overlook.  In her interactions with people here her curiosity shines through, along with her warmth and genuine interest in others.

These qualities not only make her a wonderful friend but also a compelling artist. Her work is infused with similar qualities- refined but not stuffy, accessible and inviting, offering a chance to cross a bridge to another world that’s both familiar and exotic.  The highly developed technique that goes into her kimono dressing and delightful kimono ensembles and her unique artwork really takes flight when coupled with her warm and generous nature and the spirit of sharing that she brings to it all.

Having her work ‘October‘ from her Kimono Calendar Collection here in my home brings to mind many memories of good times together in Kyoto and I have no doubt that we’ll make new ones soon!’

Gary Bloom owner Kyoto Collection

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