Izakaya Kimono styling

23 december 2013
kimono styling

Izakaya kimonoIzakaya Kimono

A big sake brand wanted a Izakaya kimono styling for their party at a nice Izakaya in Amsterdam.

The occasion was festive and also a bit formal/chic, so I chose a houmongi and silver zori.

The host of the party wanted young and fresh so I was contemplating a furisode, but I knew/guessed time would be limited, so a fresh pink houmongi with fresh blue and silver obi was a saver (time wise) choice.

As it was spring time and the blossoms where almost in full bloom, a pink kimono seemed very suitable to me at this time and place.

Paired with silver zori and a darker pink/white obi-age I think she looks pretty chic.

The make-up artist did a geisha/Asian inspired look and hair-do I think she looks sweet.

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Izakaya Kimono

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