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Kyoto Collection

Kyoto Collection ‘As a long term resident of Kyoto I always look forward to seeing Berber and enjoying the city’s charms with her. She has a real enthusiasm and affection for Japan’s traditions and its people, and takes the time to notice and appreciate small things that others might overlook.  In her interactions with people […]

Ik kan je alleen maar aanraden om jezelf dit geschenk te gunnen! – Sabriyé Dubrie

Sabriyé Dubrie ~ Your Key to Succes

Sabriyé Dubrie ~ Your Key to Succes 2013 was het jaar van professionalisering voor Your Key to Succes, daar hoorde ook een professionele profielfoto bij van mij als boegbeeld van het bedrijf. Berber’s unieke stijl sloot heel goed aan op de nieuwe look and feel die we aan het vormgeven waren in onze branding, dus […]

Her artwork has developed to include kimono in fantastic and contemporary settings – Nancy McDonough


Kyoto Kimono I have had the honor of knowing Berber for over 10 years, and have always been impressed with her knowledge of traditional kimono and how to wear it properly. But beyond knowing the “how to”, she has an artist’s appreciation of “kimono culture”, which encompasses the styles, social norms, seasonality, history, motifs, textile […]

She knows much more about Kimono than ordinary Japanese people – Masataka Miyanaga

Masataka Miyanaga of the Beatles University Japan

Kimono designer I was a witness of Berber’s lecture in Tokyo, and I was impressed how she loves Kimono. She knows about Kimono much more than ordinary Japanese people. And it proves her deep affection for Kimono. Because of her longtime research about Kimono, it didn’t surprise me that she contacted Mamechiyo (kimono designer) in 2008, […]

Galerie Moon: “Haar kleurrijke verfijnde werken scheppen dromerige illusies”

dromerige illusies

Dromerige Illusies Galerie Moon over Berber: “Haar kleurrijke verfijnde werken scheppen dromerige illusies die ons meevoeren naar een sfeer van serene rust, de schoonheid van Japanse kunst en vrouwen in prachtige kimono’s” Berber creates subtle photo works in Japanese style. Her colorful fine works create a dreamy illusion which takes us to an atmosphere of […]

I was so amazed to find her kimono dressing technique was far better than Japanese – Shino Fukuyama

kimono dressing technique

Kimono Dressing Technique I saw her dressing kimono many times. I was so amazed to find her kimono dressing technique was far more than Japanese. She also has a good sense of coordinating; color selection, motif/pattern matching and size adjustment which are quite important for kimono dressing. I always thank Berber since she understands kimono […]

Her kimono lecture was amazing and so educational – Shino Fukuyama,

kimono lecture

Kimono Lecture I asked Berber to have a kimono lecture at a cultural organization I belong to. Most of the attendees were Japanese interpreter guides for foreign travelers to Japan. Her lecture was amazing and so educational for the attendees. We were inspired and re-acknowledged fascination of our culture and kimono. Shino Fukuyama, Self employed at […]

Berber is a very original artist – Coby van Os

original artist

Original Artist Berber is a very original artist. I can highly recommend her for her work . In my practice in France ( therapist PRI) I have two of her beautiful pictures from the collection “DREAM WORKS” Coby (Jacoba) van Os independent nurse practitioner / therapist (IO-er) PRI

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